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Personal Sessions

Intuitive and healing sevices for people, animal communication mentoring sessions

I offer personal coaching/healing/intuitive sessions for people who are seeking support for their spiritual, life path, and healing journeys. My training and background in telepathic communication, Reiki, Yoga, shamanic healing, and many other modalities gives me a broad toolbox to assist you.

The goal of any personal session is to support your intention for growth, and offer my presence, reflective listening, spiritual and healing tools, and compassionate support for your journey.

My goal is to empower and support you to create the life that you are called to live.

In a personal session, I use a combination of several modalities. Each session will be unique depending on your needs, intentions, and what guidance comes through to best serve you. Modalities and tools that I use may include:

  • Intuitive Guidance
  • Spiritual Coaching and Support
  • Messages from your spirit guides, received telepathically
  • Reiki--distant energy healing
  • Yogic practices that facilitate healing and spiritual growth
  • Intuitive reading of your energy systems and chakras

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Animal Communication Mentoring
Holistic Practitioner Support

Sedona Rocks

I offer 1:1 private coaching, mentoring, and support for animal communication students, practitioners, and other holistic professionals. Topics may include (but are not limited to):

  • Tools and support for expanding and deepening your telepathic communication
  • Discussion of challenging cases
  • Ethics in animal communication and healing service, and how to apply ethical guidelines in your practice
  • Blocks in communication or moving forward in your practice
  • Basic business set-up
  • Spiritual support
  • Intuitive counseling
  • Distant Reiki and LifeForce Yoga™

I offer online scheduling using BookFresh

eleni 2a-1

Eleni and Gwokie

My mentoring work with Nancy has provided me support on many levels, from the concrete and practical to the emotional and spiritual. In a short time, we have covered far more ground, and I have received much more value, than the scope of what I originally envisioned.

Nancy’s gifts working with humans are as great as her gifts working with our animal friends. Her presence, compassion, clear vision, support and integrity create a container for transformation, healing and growth to effortlessly unfold. Each session has been unique, and yet the big picture has always been present.

I came to Nancy feeling stuck and unsure of where to next take my work. That now feels like a distant memory, as I have propelled forward to a place of clarity, excitement and creativity equipped with tools and techniques and a deeper connection to myself and my vision.

Eleni Livitsanos
San Francisco, CA
Shamanic Practitioner and Nonprofit Consultant

Cheryl and Millie

"Despite a rudimentary understanding of animal communication, I was unable to proceed toward the depths I want to reach with animals. Nancy’s encompassing and shimmering energy have propelled me past my block and back on my path. The value of her wisdom and warmth are finally allowing me to embark on the journey with animals that I feel destined to enjoy. With her continued validation and support, my confidence is increasing and my animal friends and I are living in a state of shared celebration, as we move forward together." Cheryl Nason, Ontario, CA

"Nancy has held my hand for the past six months which have been the toughest in this lifetime. She has helped me to understand, process and heal. I know that I wouldn't be in this wonderful place of well-being and self-understanding without her guidance and generosity, her love and compassion. I know that it is time for me to travel on my own and enjoy the journey. Nancy helped me to stand on my own two feet. I am forever indebted." Olivia Rich, Los Angeles, CA
“Nancy’s gifts are bountiful, and she has TRULY assisted me in re-claiming my power with grace, love, and respect. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND her as a mentor. The transformation of her own life has been a continual source of inspiration for me.” Eden Koljord, CO

Fees for Personal, Coaching and Mentoring Sessions

  • All sessions via phone/Skype
  • An initial session of 60 minutes is recommended for new clients
  • 30-Minute Session: $88.00
  • 45-Minute Session: $132.00
  • 60-Minute Session: $176.00
I offer online scheduling using BookFresh

Personal Session Packages

I also offer discounted packages for multiple sessions. These are appropriate for ongoing intensive work, spiritual healing work, and personal intuitive coaching and mentoring.

[3] 30-Minute Sessions: $225.00
[3] 60-Minute Sessions: $450.00
[6} 60 Minute Sessions: $900.00
[3] 90-Minute Sessions: $675.00
[6] 90-Minute Sessions: $1350.00

Personal Sessions, Coaching, Mentoring

Lifeforce Yoga

LifeForce Yoga, developed by Amy Weintraub (MFA, E-RYT 500 ), is a system of Yoga practices that are designed intentionally to work with and manage the mood. LifeForce Yoga is Yoga, plain and simple. Yoga, no matter what “style” you practice, unites polarities within and without. The sense of separation, which is the literal source of depression, is diminished, and the sense of connection to oneself and others is enhanced.

Yoga can also shift the physiological imbalances in the body that create depressed or anxious moods. Lifeforce Yoga practices are adapted to the student, so that each individual can move into a more balanced (satvic) and positive emotional, mental, and physical state of equanimity and self-awareness.

LifeForce Yoga practices are appropriate for people at any stage of physical fitness, including beginners, and are tailored to each individual’s needs, body, and intentions for healing.

I offer LifeForce Yoga® sesions both by phone/Skype, or in-person. A LifeForce Yoga® session may include several practices, such as breathing (pranayama), postures (asana). sound healing (mantra), and hand yoga (mudra) that can assist clients in managing and moving beyond their symptoms.

Visit the
LifeForce Yoga website for more information on using yoga to help with mood disorders. If you would like to schedule a private LifeForce Yoga session, please contact me for fees and to set up an appointment.

LifeForce Yoga sessions are available by phone/Skype and in-person, and may also be included in
Retreats and Intensives.

Because the benefits of LifeForce Yoga increase over time and with consistent practice, package sessions are recommended for best results.

I also offer LifeForce Workshops and classes. Upcoming classes are listed
here. If you are interested in hosting me to teach a Lifeforce Yoga workshop for your group, please e-mail me.

Privacy Policy
I will never share your personal information with anyone. I am bound by the same confidentiality ethics as any medical, health, or spiritual professional.
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Telephone: (928) 499-1969
The Legal Stuff
My services and classes are designed to complement, not substitute for, medical or veterinary care.

I do not diagnose or treat anything. Please consult your healthcare practitioner for medical or veterinary concerns.